32 min NR

In 2016, an army of teenagers in Macedonia discovered a wildly lucrative game of posting false political clickbait news articles on Facebook for profit. By creating websites leading up to the presidential election that published sensationalized and misleading news stories about American politics, they generated a massive income and influenced the election. Selling Lies offers a rare glimpse inside the secret network behind these websites, including one notorious ringleader whose social media reach had vast implications on American readers, and explores how disinformation campaigns are continuing to strongly impact the U.S. today leading into the 2.

SELLING LIES, a new groundbreaking documentary short from Oscar-nominated director Leslie Iwerks and her production company Iwerks & Co. A previous cut of the film won the 2019 DOC LA Award Best Documentary Short and was a Grand Prize nominee at Indy Shorts International Film Festival 2019. This version, premiering 10/9, has been updated with additional footage to tie in with the forthcoming 2020 US presidential election.020 presidential election.